Never heard of Toxoplasma Gondii? Prepare to have your mind blown.

A parasitic bug has invaded the brains of half the World's population, hijacked our neurochemistry, and altered the way we act. Are you one of them?

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Brain Parasites: What You Need To Know

Toxoplasmosis is a parasitic disease caused by the protozoan Toxoplasma gondii. The parasite can infect most warm-blooded animals (including humans), but the primary host is the cat family. Animals are infected by eating contaminated meat/water, by ingestion of cat feces, or by transmission from mother to fetus. Although cats are usually blamed for spreading this brain parasite, contact with raw meat is a more significant cause of human infections in many countries.

Once infected, it typically causes a mild flu or no illness at all. Basically, the parasite rarely causes any symptoms in otherwise healthy adults. However, those with a weakened immune system or pregnant women, may become seriously ill, and it can occasionally be fatal.

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This Is Where It Gets Interesting:

Scientific studies show that the toxoplasmosis parasite may affect behavior and may be a causative factor in various psychiatric disorders such as depression, anxiety, schizophrenia, and more!


Scientists estimate that up to 60% of the world's human population is infected.

Infected men may have lower IQs, achieve a lower level of education and have shorter attention spans. They are also more likely to break rules and take risks, be more independent, more anti-social, suspicious, jealous and morose, and are deemed less attractive to women.

On the other hand, infected women tend to bemore outgoing, friendly, more promiscuous, and are considered moreattractive to men compared with non-infected controls.

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