iHaveABrainParasite.com is dedicated to spreading the word and educating people about Toxoplasma Gondii.

Given the widespread nature of the parasite and the potential behavioral changes it creates, we firmly believe that this could be the next big global health topic.

Not only is the parasite molding the identity of entire nations, it could be also responsible for reckless behavior in both men and women.

And this is where it gets good! Instead of a health risk, we here at iHaveABrainParasite.com believe that this could be the next great scapegoat in society. Did you get in a car accident? Blame your brain parasite! Acting like an anti-social dickhead to your co-workers? Blame your parasite! And for the ladies - feeling a little promiscuous? Go do whatever you damn please and feel confident in knowing it's not your fault - blame the BP!

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