Do I have a brain parasite?


How can you be sure?
It's fucking obvious. Why the hell else would you be here?

What is your business model for this site?
Thanks for asking - it's quite simple:
1. Get every person on earth to visit this web site at least once
2. Monetize the hell out of that shit

Ok, genius - what if I don't have a brain parasite?
Visit our other web site: www.idonthaveabrainparasite.com (coming soon)

My girlfriend has been acting like a sex kitten lately - should I be worried?
Yes, absolutely. Please send us her contact details so we can assess the situation.

If this is real, and impacts up to 60% of planet earth, why aren't more people talking about this?
Because they've been waiting for an entrepreneurial mastermind like me to create a website like this.

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